DYI 2-in-one credit/fidelity card

This guide assumes that you:

- Have a plastic credit card (chip, tap or strip is irrelevant)

What you need:

- A printer (you could technically draw a barcode yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it)


Let’s suppose you are a proud holder of a PC Financial credit card and collect points via the Air Miles program (those are Canadian, but any card/program would do):

Sample credit card
Sample fidelity card

Step One: Find out your full fidelity card number

Your fidelity card number can be longer than the account number printed in the front of your card. The best way to ensure that you have the full number is to scan the barcode on the back of your card to find out what the number is (it might also be printed next to the barcode).

Your card barcode

Step Two: generate the correct barcode

The next step is to use a barcode-generating tool to generate your barcode. For example, the following site does a great job at it: https://barcode.tec-it.com/en

Generated barcode

Step Three: print the barcode sticker

It is now time to print the barcode sticker. If using the Avery labels, you can download a free template from their website that will have a pre-formatted table where you can paste your image. To make it look cooler, you can find and paste the fidelity program logo:

Generated barcode with logo
Printed sticker

Step Four: paste the sticker

Once you’ve printed the sticker, cut it out and paste it carefully on your credit card. Here is an example of a card with the sticker printed on it:

Two-in-one — credit card with a fidelity barcode

Closing notes

Some folks would note that one can already use a smartphone app to display a fidelity card barcode, and combined with mobile forms of payment, one only needs their phone. This is true, but not all stores have scanners capable of scanning device screens, and not all stores accept touch/mobile payments.



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